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This Work Thing

My son Evan constantly asks me — “Do you really have to go to work tonight?”  Truth be known, I probably don’t — my not showing up to make graphics at a major bank won’t stop Capitalism in its tracks.  The bankers will grind on their greedy ways without me.  But paying rent would still be an issue.  I explain that.  Then Evan asks — “why do people have to work to pay for some place to live?  Shouldn’t they be able to live for free?”

The kid asks hard questions.  I don’t know the answers.  Why should the people who raced to this country from Europe, stole it from the Indians, fought off the other invaders who wanted to steal it for themselves, be able to claim large swaths and sell or rent it to those who came after for the going Manhattan rate?  Or — what is it that makes Capitalism so Capital?

Another word for Capital is money.  So Capitalism = money-ism.  Moneyism basically makes up the rules by which people are allowed to make and keep money (or what it really stands for, property). Those rules are generally made up (or greatly influenced) by the people who already have and hold the majority of the property.

But this isn’t really the direction I started out going.  I simply wanted, after all this focus — my own focus — on making rent and paying off debts, to get back to the things I do for myself and others.  My social contributions.  It’s been a while, but here I am.


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